May 18, 2017

"As far as being lonely and resentful, I struggle with those things daily. Loneliness is easier to overcome as I can find ways to stay busy so I don’t think about it as much.

But resentment . . . I have to fight against it every day and it has to be a choice. I have to choose joy and contentment over resentment. Some days this is much easier than others! This is the career my [boyfriend] has chosen and he’s really good at it. I can either choose to embrace it and support him or resent him and be miserable. The more I support him and encourage him, even if it’s really hard and I miss him terribly, the happier we both are and our home is a much better place for him to come home to."


Jul 4, 2014

constantly put into authoritative positions. I never feel like I'm capable but why do other people seem to think otherwise.

Nov 19, 2013


cold-hearted & young mentality turned mushy gushy. i love/ hate it at the very same time hehe. 

Nov 6, 2013

room cleaning

k deceptive title I guess.. but I'm not actually cleaning my room right now lol. I eagerly want my room to have that minimalistic look but I have so much junk. I'm writing this to remind myself to donate, donate, donate!!!!!!

that's all :)

Oct 17, 2013


Today was the last day of course 1 of my program meaning exams all day and early dismissal because I'm a rocket at multiple choice questions!!

Sean came to downtown and we fulfilled our hapa izakaya craving then he had to go to work :( We had other plans but silly monkey loves to sleep!!! but he also loves (ok probably not loves but at least he does it) driving me to school some mornings so I guess that makes it ok. lol. We were both pretty bummed our plans didn't work out but we can always make up for it next time.

lucky lucky me :)