Dec 31, 2007

last blog of 2007?

not the greatest way to end the year, but haaaaaaaay at least now I realize it right? On the real, i've had too many epiphanies for one year. I shouldn't really complain, it's a part of growing. but before coming to realizing some things, I had to go through so much hurt. Again, I'm not trying to complain.. i'm just saying. 07 was a really good year, coulda been better.. but it was good enough.

A few things to remember for next year are : slow down. don't give up your heart to just anyone. make sure to understand all points of view before acting. chicks before dicks (for real this time). follow your morals. don't fall for words. actually, don't fall for anything. inner beauty is what matters most. be real. on top of everything, love yourself.

resolutions mami?
be a good girl, love more than hate, get my L (for sure this year), -20 pleasepleaseplease, no boys this year! find jordan10s, finish my sketchbook, don't get drunk...... hahahha oh AND GET ABS!! :D

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