Jan 7, 2010

college songs

So far.. college life sucks for me. It's my fault. I don't wear a jacket = a nasty cold & I was late for school = locked door and the teacher didn't let me in. ASDSFSSDFKJ!!!$%#^(%

I guess I'm not used to the busyness of everything. There are so many people talking.. always talking. There's never any peaceful silence. The lsu and library are the closest I can get to it. It's kind of ironic tho, I'm kind of a loud person (when I'm comfortable) and I crave silence. I don't know, I'm a little nutty because I still have jet lag. I slept from 4pm to 7am, it was delightful.

Since the first day of school (three days ago for me) I've been putting my itunes on shuffle first thing in the morning and seeing what song comes up. I think I want to keep it up, I know it might not always work as an inspirational motto each day.. but it's pretty cool when it does. So far so good.
Jan 5 - livin' in a new world - the roots (so true!!!! college world hahaha)
Jan 6 - soar - christina aguilera (what are you waiting for? spread your wings and soarrrrrr)
and today... dun dun dun.......
Jan 7 - love's a funny thing - xscape (uh.. hahaha)

I have to read now cus I slept all through the night!!!!

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