Mar 12, 2010


why am i awake?

(random shit)

i wonder how my mom was back in the day. i mean, i could ask her.. but summarizing 50 years in a few sentences is crazy talk. i wonder how she was really like and what kinda things brought her to become who she is.

i wonder if she's done anything illegal.. i doubt she'd tell me
or if she was the type to wear her heart on her sleeve
i wonder if she would stay up at night just to think
or if she even pictured her life to be the way it is now

my friends and i always talk about our ideal futures... something along the lines of "wedding, amazing husband, cute kids" etc. i wonder if my mom used to do the same with her friends and if she's happy with what she ended up with. i wish my dad wasn't such a butt-head.

i don't know.. i just wonder.

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