Mar 10, 2010


can't believe i was soooooo excited to go back to school. shit's boraaaaaang! bio was a bitch class.. sawry mr. mario de sa moniz..... er something, i shoulda studied harder (or studied at all) i don't know why but i'm really not interested in bio mumbo jumbo only downside of that is that's the stuff i wana get into.............. oh life :( i really love my philosophy and psych courses tho. i feel like i'm learning a lot. except for when it comes to in class essays. i really suck at those. i wish i could take a fine arts class for fun or something.. i need to learn how to draw the other halves of faces. i always only draw one half!!!!!!!!! school's school.. boring but yknow.

i feel like i'm spending so much money but not even making any. so stupid. i'm trying to limit my going out and spending, as much as i can but it's so hard when your friends are millionaires or something.... i swear i think they secretly are. they keep going out and spending money like it ain't no thang. while i'm being a turtle trying to save as much money from the little bit of money that i do have. i don't even know where i can get a job. fast food joint.. yea probably. hostess... eh i don't really have the body or looks. barista..... hahahaha i dano.

i miss my family. everyone's all over the world while i'm stuck at home.

can't wait til this semesters over!!!!!!!!!! ... then i can start a new one :(

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