Apr 4, 2010

words from the brand new 19 year old

i think i might be getting older mentally as well as physically. i've been thinking and i want to ditch the 'im a princess' mindset.. which i shouldnt even have unless i'm 5 or something, but i admit that i actually did have it. i liked attention, i liked being catered to, and i was a bitch when i didn't get what i wanted.

... i wana get out of that. i'd rather be quiet and humble. the feeling of accomplishing something on my own is a far better feeling than having someone help me every step of the way. i want to be a more understanding person.. a more forgiving person.

there's been a hell of a lot of shit that's happened to me to get me to want to change my ways. hopefully i can go through with it. baby steps.

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aalegro said...

Happy Birthday =)