Jun 1, 2010

60 seconds

couple nights ago i watched one of the cutest movies i've seen in a while. leap year is about this girl who goes to dublin to propose to her boyfriend, then falls for a cute, cynical, irish man that helps her get there. i don't know what it is about this guy and gerard butler's character in ps. i love you but irish men seem ridiculously cynical but soOoOo dreamy at the same time! haha. maybe i should visit ireland one day...... maybe.

one of the things that stuck with me from this movie is when declan (the irish cutie) asked anna that if her house was on fire and she only had 60 seconds to grab something and go, what would she get? she couldn't answer and in my mind, neither could i. anna knew she didn't belong with the guy she was originally going to marry because when his 60 seconds came.. all he cared about was his materialistic stuff like his laptop, cellphone, camera etc. i thought about it all day and i still couldn't come up with anything. i guess i'll never know 'til it's time for my 60 seconds.

hopefully it's nothing lame.

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