May 23, 2010

i am not my hair, i am not this skin.

yes i know my skin isn't all one tone and that i get pimples from time to time. i have freckles and chubby cheeks. i'm never going to be a size 0 or even size 1 or 2 or probably not even anything close to that. my nose is round, my calves are overly muscular and my thighs are too thick. my hair is not soft to the touch and i probably have a lot of split ends. my two front teeth are to big and the rest of my teeth are too small (so i've been told) i don't have the most up to date things and i'm never going to look like the girls in magazines.

.. but constantly reminding me of these things wont make your hair shinier or waistline smaller. it doesn't make you prettier or make you more talented in anything. stop knit picking at my imperfections and take a look in the mirror, look deeper than the physical surface and stare deep into your soul. you are not perfect and neither am i. all we can do is accept our imperfections, pimples, heartaches and all, and be thankful for the things we do have.


aalegro said...

love this... and pimples suck =/

missa. said...

props (y)

Stacy T said...

well said