May 25, 2010

"the list"

so i watched a movie called beauty and the briefcase a couple days ago starring hillary duff (when she wasn't ugly skinny) and it was so unbelievably cute that i was giddy when she got together with the guy she least expected. anyway, in the movie she had a list of qualities that her "dream guy" would have and in the end the guy she ended up falling in love with had none of the qualities. (aka don't make a list but i don't care.. i want to make a list!)

My Dream Guy
1. tall
well not too tall, taller than i am plus heels! i don't want to walk around holding the hand of a 5'3 man who looks like my little brother or something.
2. funny
i don't know if i can be with a guy who doesn't make me laugh. he doesn't have to be a comedian but some jokes from time to time are definitely needed! i'm a little weird so it'd be good if he had the same weird humour that i did.
3. family oriented
i'm very close to my family so it'd be great if the guy was familiar with the whole family thing.
4. spontaneous
k i stole this from hillary duff's character but who cares! boring is no fun!
5. decisive
i don't know what's worse than a guy saying "i dont know what i wanna do what do you wanna do?" :@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stfu.
6. passionate
.. about anything (preferably in the arts). i think if someone is passionate in something they'll also be a passionate lover. oOOooo sexy! haha

hm.. i think that's all for now. what's on your list?

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tin!! you have greaat taste!!