Jun 11, 2010

2 in 1

(missed yesterday so here's yesterday and today.)

Day 5 — Your dreams

you've never been simple. when i feel at ease you suddenly change my path and bring me to a confusing place. sometimes a beautiful place but never a calm place. i love being able to remember you. i feel like when i'm able to remember you, i'm also able to figure out myself.

to my other dreams.. although you seem far i know i'll get to you someday. it'll take hard work and perseverance but i will. sorry i've been lacking effort lately. my priorities have been a mess. all fun and no hard work isn't going to benefit me in the future. i'll work on it. promise.

Day 6 — A stranger

it's funny when you think you can count on someone. well it's hard not to think that when they say they'll be down for you for the rest of your life.

i understand that things change, situations change, people change but a little kindness once in a while would be nice.

so i guess this goes out to you.. the person i used to know.

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