Jun 18, 2010

grow up little girl

i want to hit my cousin on the forehead sometimes. the way she treats her child upsets me. sure he cries a lot, throws things on the floor, spits, draws on the wall... but he's a baby damnit. there's no need to tell him he's annoying or yell other hurtful things at him. he needs love and attention, not the bullshit she's giving him.

he is not the reason that you feel your life is going downhill, you are. he's a beautiful, intelligent baby boy who loves you unconditionally. i understand you're young but if you felt you were responsible enough to take off your pants you should be responsible enough to raise your child right. the way you're living is not his fault. if anything, he's made it better. when he grows up he wont love you the way he does now. so cherish what you have now cus sooner or later it'll disappear.

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