Jun 6, 2010

i'm hollering hey.. good god what a day

one word to describe the day that i had: bittersweet.

woke up kinda late cus last night was super eventful. reunion + my 2 favs coming over then leaving at 4am. we watched the funniest video on youtube over and over ..

but this morning was b e a utiful. waking up to sunshine, family and watermelon already cut up in the kitchen felt like heaven. skytrained to downtown to meet tesa and sean at timmy's. chicken soup for breakfast mmm..

bussed down robson to pick up some bikes to rent. tesa and i rented some cute pink cruisers while anthony and sean got a tandem hahahah. fucken hilarious.. everyone doing a double take cus of these two guys on a single bike.

the scenery was beautiful.. as always.

got $1 drinks at mcdonalds then ate some fresh slice.. mmmmmmmmmm.

chilled at tesas and got to meet her new dog. janice and i were the designated drivers while the rest of them puffed that lye..... i guess i just got bitter at the end of the night cus i lost $40 at the casino. hahaha fuck. i hate the casino.

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