Jul 8, 2010


saw an old friend today and realized how much i've missed him. we used to be really close like passing notes in class kinda close (k maybe just once) but we drifted apart for no real reason, we just got busy doing our own things. the whole time i was with him i just thought of how close we used to be and how i really missed it.

i think it's okay to miss something tho, but it isn't okay to surround your life with trying to get it back. truth is, whatever event or relationship you've had in the past that you want back probably wasn't as good as you remember it to be. we tend to shut out the things that were wrong and focus too much on the things that were good. i think that's why some people are living in the past, they forget that anything wrong ever happened. so i guess i'm okay with missing something but spending my whole life living to get back what used to be (which probably isn't even as good as what my mind tells me it was) is not what i want to do.

thanks for the memories.

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