Jul 30, 2010

feels good to get away

i'm excited for this weekend. i've been a turtle.. or a hermit, whichever word you prefer but in a nutshell i haven't been going out lately. i don't know what it is.. laziness, brokeassness or maybe i just like chillin in my home clothes with my cousins that don't give a shit if i look like a bum.

this weekend is more family time. i've been looking forward to camping since before summer even started. it feels like a mini vacation, even if i'm staying in the same province. being away from the city excites me. going to a place where ain't no one hollering bout the problems in the world, its just me and my favourite girl... yea ladylyns coming with me and my family. lol.

leaving in a couple hours and haven't even packed. typical.

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