Jul 9, 2010

last night

i was laying on my bed webcamming with a friend and just as we were about to pass out i hear this noise which sounded like it was coming from under my bed. i freaked out.

(before i got home my friends were talking about bad spirits and being possessed and all that)
(fun fact: either half or more than half the cast and crew of the movie 'the exorcist' were possessed after filming the movie =| .. not actually a fact cus i heard it from a friend who heard from a friend but if it's true. damn!!!)

so yea.. considering the conversations with my friends before going home, i was more scared than i usually would be. i sat up in bed with my eyes wide open scared to death. my friend was pretty freaked out too. i asked if i should look under the bed.. then i thought about it and didn't think it was a bright idea. so i bounced on my bed.. i probably looked like an idiot. i still heard the sounds so i jumped from my bed to the other side of the room and turned the lights on. i kept hearing it.. it kind of sounded like someone trying to scratch through my walls. at this point, all my hairs were on end, my stomach was tight and my eyes still wide open.

then i realized it was the speakers from the desktop computer. so i turned them off and went to bed.

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