Aug 9, 2010

"blah blah blahhhhhhh"

seems i'm always awake at this time. at least tonight i did something productive, most of the time i don't. i studied my ass off, well crammed, and made myself a practice test.. i passed >=) (barely.) so i'm guessing i didn't study hard enough. oh well.

so anyway, i'm on youtube cus just like me, when i've had 3 cups of coffee, it never sleeps. i'm never gona run out of things to watch.

out of nowhere i feel like listening to older music. not too old tho. songs that'd be on my mom's old vhs kareoke tapes hahaha. seriously tho.

so i start listening to whitney houston, lauryn hill, aretha franklin, celine dion, mariah carey's older stuff, christina aguilera, vanessa williams, even lea salonga... you know, stuff you could actually sing on kareoke.

ah...... i miss their voices and the high notes that they used to hit back then.. w :O w and their riffs (is that even the word.. i don't know)

...... seriously, who even.. maybe charice pempengco can in the future.. but she got plastic surgery so i think she's lame now. jk she's an amazing singer.

and i miss harmony..

then i thought about ke$ha, no disrespect to her as a person but her music..

"does anyone speak drunk slut?"

i wish songs on the radio didn't have to revolve around the same topics: descriptive sex and how bad you want to get drunk and party at the club. i get it, sex sells and annoying repetitive music gets stuck in your head then also sells. i just miss the days of jamming to celine dion and lauryn hill on the radio or rather, the days when you needed talent to be on the radio. k i'll stop.

or maybe i'm listening to the wrong radio stations.

i'll just keep burning cds.... my car doesn't have an auxillary cord plug lol.

probably going to be dead during my midterm in 11 hrs. good night, sunshine.

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