Aug 27, 2010

0:01-0:10 how i feel right now lol. the rest of the clip is irrelevant to my life but i couldn't find a shorter one so oh well. i guess i get what i put in and shouldn't really expect what i don't deserve.

anyway, i'm going away for the weekend with my family. luckily i know it wont be the most boring road trip i'm going on, in the lead is still when i went to edmonton with my dad's side of the family and for the entire car ride they played 2 songs.. over and over. i doubt anything will top it.

i'm going away to penticton until tuesday, i'm excited but a little worried. i'm missing the class before the final so i'll be studying while i'm on my mini vacation (if i can call it that.) this weekend will go like this : study on the first night, sleep, eat, swim, hike, eat, swim, sleep, eat, eat, sleep, eat, open the book.. fall asleep, eat, go home then cram. probably.

have a good weekend!

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