Aug 22, 2010

my mind at 3:07am

i made it my personal goal not to nap today.. mission: failed. i'm starting regular classes in a couple weeks and my sleeping schedule is the complete opposite of what it should be. my naps during the day don't help one bit. oh well, i guess i'll try again tomorrow.

on a completely different note, i haven't had starbucks in the longest time. which could be good and bad. good because most drinks have soOoOooo many calories and bad because it tastes so damn good.

on the topic of tasting good... why do i have to love sweets so much and why do they have to be so bad for you. why everything that's supposed to be bad make me feel so good? RIGHT?! i could try switching to fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth. i love mangoes, cherries and frozen grapes. i'm trying to stay away from bananas tho cus apparently mosquitos can smell that shit if you eat it and think you taste better or something like that..

did you know only the female mosquitos bite? way to go girls -_- (<-- lol at that face)

good night. maybe.

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