Aug 23, 2010

president's choice

i kind of regret not making a name for myself during high school, or even falling into any of the typical labels that you could fall into.

i wasn't athletic, i actually don't know if i could have been.. i never tried to play sports except for that one year of filcansa which my low-sports-self-esteem (i made that up) was so low that it wouldn't allow me to dribble the ball down the court without imagining i'd let it roll off my foot into the other side of the court. (it happened once.) but yea, "the athletic girl" is crossed off the list. i didn't even try out for track.. i should have.

i wasn't all that smart. well, actually, i think i am pretty smart when i'm interested in what i'm talking or learning about but i always stayed up late during high school so that meant one thing: falling asleep in class. i can't learn if i'm sleeping. so "academic girl" is off the list

i couldn't be a choir girl either. my old high school was known for a couple things, girls volleyball, gossip and the chamber choir. i've been singing since i was 3 so it would have been a good call to try out for choir but in my head i thought i was an art class girl.

i wasn't even that good at art either.

my school had a dance team, i liked dance but for the 4.5 years i was at st. patrick's we never competed in one competition. so dance girl is off the list too.

so is wrestling girl, i quit because dance practice was on the same days haha. that wouldn't have worked out either.. i was way too afraid of getting cauliflower ears. (i was about to post a picture of a cauliflower ear on this post but looking at the pictures scared me haha)

i could have maybe been classified as a "girly girl".. maybe, but i knew nothing about designers, and i kind of really liked bugs and climbing trees. i would kind of scream a little when someone tickled me so i don't know if it counts.


i don't want to be just tin. i want to be tin the "________ girl."

i wonder what my peers would have labelled me as..

anyway, if anyone reads this hunkajunk, fill in the blank for me!

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aalegro said...

you're the "a-little-bit-of-everything girl". you're well-rounded in all that you do and aspire to be, so no need to feel inadequate cutie =)