Sep 20, 2010

damn you immune system

i was in the hospital two days ago. i really hate being there but my brain felt like it was trying to punch its way out of my skull and my eyes felt like they were clawing themselves out of my sockets. i kept thinking maybe it'll go away, it didn't.. for 6 hrs. that's when i called my mom, i had to go.

the hospital is such a depressing place to be, the paint is pale, the nurse's eyes look at you with some kind of sadness (i can't explain) and it smells like stale apple juice.. even some of the nurses smell like apple juice. we waited to be seen by the doctor for about 2 hours. my pain wasn't that bad because i wasn't moving, when i had to walk, i wanted to die.. well not really, it just hurt so bad.

they checked my heart beat, temperature, asked me a whole bunch of questions then asked me to pee in one of those sample cups.. i hate doing that. it's so awkward.

they said my temp was high. the doctor said she doesn't think it's meningitis... why would she say it then? my mom seemed to freak out over just the word. they gave me 7 pills to swallow at the same time. i hate pills. she said i might be coming down with a virus. i'm not surprised, kaelyn and erin are sick and usually what ever they get from their elementary school i catch too. i was there for a couple more hours then they said it was okay to leave.

i really hate that my immune system is weak. i hate hospitals. i hate feeling like shit.


dre dre said...

damn i know what you mean! i've had a fever for 13 days now.... and i got it from aaliyah!! get better <3


(i can't find anywhere to comment on your blog)

omigoodness.. i feel like such a baby for complaining about 3 days when you've been sick for 13!!! hope you & aaliyah get better!