Sep 11, 2010

never looking too far back or in front of me

i had a flash back night last night. i usually try not to think of the past cus really.. it's passed and i've moved on but i guess i thought about the situation.

it's crazy to me how quickly things change, people change, over such a little amount of time. how one day you could be inseparable and a couple days later barely acknowledging each other. not that i want anything back to the way it was, its just the way that things happened is kinda sad. isn't it?

it's cool though. i know i'm not the same as i used to be. i used to see it as, everyone around me was changing and i stayed the same but the more i think about it i'm changing and everyone else is staying the same. say whatever you want about it but it's not gona turn me back into the person i was.

i like the idea of moving forward. looking back once in a while to see how far i've come is okay too.

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