Sep 26, 2010

sigh of relief + my favourite soup

before this weekend, the up coming week seemed impossible. the thought of a couple exams in the same week freaked me out. so i stayed in for the weekend. butt glued to my sofa and eyes drilling into my bio, psych and human kinetics books. i kept thinking how hard this up coming week would be for me but after a weekend of turning down opportunities to have fun i feel relieved. i'm not even studying right now. i'm not saying i memorize every single word of my text books because that would actually be impossible, but i know more than i would have if i had chosen pleasure over hard work.

tomorrow and the next couple of days will be a little challenging but definitely not impossible.

i feel like crying happy tears. hahaha jk.

ps. if anyone likes mushroom soup as much as i do, campbell's mushroom soup cans(and whatever other flavour) is on sale at zellers for 49 cents each. mMmmmm..

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