Sep 9, 2010


i've been trying to get my courses to work out but it's not working and after only two days of being back at school.. i. am. exhausted. like actually so tired my body is too lazy to move.

i'm just stressing out cus i feel like i need to get into that psych class so badly. i'm second on the waitlist for crying out loud just let me in so i don't have to take the hkin course that depends on me running 10 km in order to pass... my asthmatic lungs and lack of physical activity wont allow me to.. i need to get in by tomorrow so that i can get an 80% refund on that course that i don't even wana take anyway. ahhhhhhhhhh..... i think that's the only thing that's stressing me out haha. oh and the fact that online courses seem kind of over whelming..

oh and that i don't shit out money. yea.. wish i could langara, but i dont. why is everything so damn expensive nowadays?!?!?!

i need to rest.

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