Sep 2, 2010

you get what you put in

i emailed my teacher today and asked what i got on my final. the final i didn't study for at all. he emailed back.. 64% i couldn't be upset about it. i didn't study. my overall for the course is 82% i could be proud, but i wont be, i didn't put as much effort into it as i should have.

i really should stop complaining that i don't get as much attention from my friends as i wish they would give me. i really don't give them that much either. i should work on that.

my priorities weren't right yesterday. it should always be 1. family 2. school 3. friends. the last should never go first.

anyway, summer's almost over. time for layers and peppermint hot chocolate <3

ps. i wish i was going to seattle with my friends this weekend.

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