Oct 5, 2010

"perfect legs"

my friend once told me that his "dream girl" had perfect legs. no scratches, no bruises, just smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. i thought to myself, k well i'm out. even if i didn't want to be my friend's dream girl i don't know how he could even want that.
a girl with no scrapes on her knees or scars to show from her past, to me is a girl who has not lived. a girl who probably never played chicken fight on the monkey bars or jumped from the swings while in motion. she wouldnt know the rush of climbing to the top of a tree or riding her purple bike without training wheels for the first time. that girl wouldn't have had the chance to wear those barbie, spiderman, or coloured waterproof bandaids that i loved so much as a kid. that girl never fell to the ground only to learn she could get back up again.

if i was a guy.. i'd love to see scars on the legs of my dream girl and hopefully be able to hear a story behind each one. i'd want someone who lived through them and smiles looking back as she tells the stories that molded her into the being that she is, scars and all.

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