Nov 14, 2010

my beautiful mama

^ my beautiful mama & i.

we went to church today, something we haven't done in a long time and i felt weights lifted off my shoulders. it felt so good to be there. afterwards, we went to dennys for dinner and just talked. she told me how my God-sister who saw her at church said, "you never get old!" so i looked at her, and realized how true that statement was. she's actually a lot older than she looks. so i asked her why she thought that was and she said, "i don't stress myself out," and i knew it was true. my mom has taught me to look on the brighter side of things instead of wasting time focusing what doesn't matter in the long run. this beautiful lady has a few white hairs and maybe a few wrinkles from smiling too much but other than that she still looks as young as ever. i think my mom is living proof that happiness keeps you young.

love you ma!

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