Nov 5, 2010


looked through a jewelry box i used when i was a kid. in there.. an old best friends necklace (the kind you buy in a two pack, keep one then give the other to your bffn [best friend for now]), an old tooth (ew), a chuckie cheese token, an are you afraid of the dark 3d necklace that i got from buying an are you afraid of the dark book from those scholastic book orders and some coins that probably add up to maybe 80 cents or something (my real treasure haha). nothing too fancy, just a bunch of stuff that i used to think was special enough to keep in my jewelry box that have absolutely no value to me now.. i don't even remember who has the other part of that necklace anymore.

makes you think tho. are the material possessions that i value now things that will have any value to me in the future? i really don't know. we'll see.

good night.

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