Nov 29, 2010

two of my favourite boys

just a couple months ago i posted a picture of these two, except cutecute (a nickname jarell gave him.. i don't even know why) was a newborn. cutecute (whose actual name is jarred which no one calls him. we either call him cutecute or jamal, again.. i don't know why) is 5 months old already!!! i need to capture a picture of him smiling, i swear, it'll break hearts one day.

i can't even believe how big they've gotten over the last couple months. i swear it went by so fast. jarell's still as crazy and hilarious as ever and cutecute knows how to roll onto his stomach from his back. being around these two never fails to make my cheeks hurt from smiling or laughing too hard. they're such great kids, crazy, but great. i'm hoping my cousin will pop out a girl soon tho! i want to dress her up!

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