Dec 17, 2010

feelin so good

i'm ecstatic right now. i can't believe this semester is finally over. spending weekends at home is relaxing if it's once in a while but almost every weekend for 3 months straight is kind of draining. i'm anticipating good times this christmas break but honestly, it doesn't seem long enough.. i guess i'll just have to enjoy every second.

i had my final exam today which i feel like i spent a lot of time studying for and during the first half of my exam i felt pretty confident. i answered questions before i even read the full questions, smiled knowing i knew the answers, and even sang this song to myself in my head:

haha. frick. totally jynxed myself for being so cocky tho. the second half of it wasn't as easy but we'll see. my teacher was a sweetheart and got us all godiva chocolates tho mmm...

anyway, tonight i'm gonna have a good time call a few friends of mine cus i'm lovin life

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