Dec 8, 2010


i was eavesdropping (like a ninja) on a conversation my classmate was having about moving from the pei to vancouver. she said she really does love it here but misses back home because the people were friendlier there. i couldn’t help but feel ashamed because i have to admit, even i take part in trying to avoid saying hi to people i know when i pass by them by pretending to be on my phone or looking the other way. i remember seeing a sign on a bus stop that read ‘why don’t people stop to say hi anymore?’ and honestly, i don’t know why i do it.. why we do it.

a time when i felt the most love in vancouver was during the olympics and i’m pretty sure all the love i felt wasn’t even from fellow vancouverites. i’m not saying i want every single stranger to say hi and ask me about my day or whatever but a smile would be nice.

we live in a beautiful city which allows you to see the mountains from the beach, we have unlimited opportunities and we have tim hortons (mmm).. what is there not to smile about?

note to self: smile more often.

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