Dec 26, 2010

holiday spirit

well, i guess in response to my last post: i found it.

i'm so incredibly grateful for everything that has happened and everything that i've received these past few days.

i finally saw bj after 2 years. it was nice to be able to see and catch up with him. it was even nicer that the movie we saw wasn't a bust. the original plan was to see black swan but then the seats were all filled up so instead we saw the tourist, which i had no idea about until that day. (thursday, i believe?) it's pretty good.. what an ending! haha.

the next day was the family christmas party at my house. i love that i was able to help organize the games for the kids. it's crazy, a couple (well more than a couple) years ago i was the one excited for the games and hoping with every ounce of my being to win a prize but on friday i was able to witness everything from a different point of view. i don't know any less corny way to explain it other than it was magical. i love those kids so much and seeing them smile was/is such a blessing. after a while, my mom came out as santa claus everyone had a good time sitting on her lap and just plain enjoying the company of loved ones.

the 25th was part two of christmas with the untalans (too bad i'm not actually an untalan but a majority of us are so i don't know what else to call it) except it was at tita merlyn's house. again, smiles from the beginning of the party until the end.

if i didn't feel it before, i do now. i never fully understood the word overjoyed until this past week. thank you.

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