Dec 24, 2010

merry christmas eve :')

the holidays have been really good. i've been able to sleep in, see my friends and sleep in. i can't believe it's already christmas eve.. or christmas eve's day? hm.

for the whole month kaelyn has been singing 'last christmas' and i crack up every single time. her version:
last christmas, i gave you my heart
but the very next day you gave it away
this year percipipeteer
i'll give it to someone special

i'm probably such a bad cousin for letting her sing it this way for the whole month but i finally corrected her today. i really wish i could have recorded it before telling her tho, i swear it was the funniest/ cutest thing.

the family christmas party is tonight and i couldn't be more excited. i love spending time with these loud/loving people.

oh! and this is my reindeer for the kid's pin the nose on the reindeer game haha.

it's 6:51am....... good night!

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