Dec 9, 2010

things i want to do

i want to sleep or lay on my green couch, with extra pillows or sit and talk to my mom at the kitchen table or have a cup of coffee.. or two or make my lola laugh or reorganize my room or do a crossword or paint my nails with a holiday theme or just sit on my bed and listen to music or go through my dashboards on tumblr and blogger or look up hair and make up tips on the internet or learn something new off of google or click the random page on wikipedia and read about it or watch ray william johnsons videos.. i love him or decorate the house or put all my freshly laundered clothes into my wardrobe or wax my bedroom floors until they smell lemony fresh or do my eyebrows or go online window shopping or take a bubble bath and stay in there until my fingers are pruney i want to google why fingers get pruney after being in the water for too long or wrap myself in my red fleece blanket and watch weeds, or criminal minds, pretty little liars, or boy meets world, or even... stare at the ceiling with a blank mind.

i want to do everything except study. though i feel like i deserve a break from it, i know that i have to keep going. i think i might give in and have that cup of coffee tho.

december 17 seems so far away.

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