Jan 9, 2011

janice's 20th birthday

i had fun last night at the kareoke bar, sheila and i did a duet and "rocked" it haha, sheila if you ever read this.. you'll understand what i meant by rocked ;) the pictures above were from last night, it wasn't even a girls only party, the boys just rarely take pictures with us.

i can't believe janice is already 20 years old and in a few months, i will be too! i remember the first day i met janice was at marielle's birthday at the movies and janice had the longest hair and i loved it. my first words to her were "i really like your hair" and we've been friends ever since :') if i'm correct, we've had 9 years of friendship and i'm hoping for at least 50 more be the ninang of my babies, buy groceries together, do yoga when we're 60 in the park with those old chinese men years of friendship.

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