Feb 5, 2011

super why to the rescue!

jarell, my cousin's baby, comes over about 4-5 days a week and it's usually my job to entertain him while he's over. we play a lot of games but he always used to beg for me to play 'Go, Diego Go!' on the tv. because we had netflix i didn't really have an excuse not to put it on. i've never really been a huge fan of the shows jarell was into such as go, diego, go! the backyardigans, or the wiggles.. they didn't benefit him in any way. if we lived in the states it might be okay for him to watch diego but our languages in canada are english and french, jarell learning spanish just seemed stupid.

one day when jarell came over, he asked for diego (no surprise) but i was determined to find something else for him to watch.. partly because i didn't feel like he was learning anything from it and partly because i was getting annoyed of the damn song and diegos voice. fortunately, i found super why! a program on pbs for kids 3-6.

this show had pretty much everything i was looking for. it had catchy songs, taught jarell something other than spanish and the main character's voice wasn't as high pitched as diegos was. fortunately, jarell loved it too!! the main characters are:
- super why with the power to read
- alpha pig with alphabet power
- wonder red with word power
- princess presto with spelling power
(all from memory haha)
i love that it's educational and really enjoyable to watch at the same time. the only thing that sucks is that whenever jarell watches it, he always wants to steal my blanket and use it as a cape. oh well, if it's for his future then okay.. haha.

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