Mar 28, 2011

beauty behind it all

it's 5:02 am and i couldn't be more at peace. it's so funny to me when i read my previous posts because it seems like every other post relates to either one of the extremes - happy or sad. it'll be nice to look back on this blog when i'm 60 or something and see my life as a teen or.. young adult. it's beautiful, all of it, ups downs smiles frowns .. (haha such a poet jk.) i could read a post of mine from a couple years ago and remember the exact way i felt just because of how it was written, amazing huh? my very own time machine in words.

anyway, i just wanted to post a few pictures from my weekend..

(need to add pics from carnival) 

anyway, the reason i'm up is because cutecute is sleeping over and wont sleep if i put him down. i know that a lot of people would suggest just letting him cry and learn on his own but he'll only be a baby for so long, i wont even be able to carry him in a couple years, i don't mind too much. earlier he was crying non-stop and even woke up jonathan cus i was on skype with him, so i turned on some boyz ii men and it's definitely doing the trick. thanks guys. haha.

gona try to sleep now, good night world. 

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