May 15, 2011

Catching up

I haven't posted in forever. I can't really decipher what to post on here and what to post on tumblr. I'll figure it out soon.

Anyway, things I need to mention that I haven't mentioned:
- The royal wedding was beautiful. Kate & her sister are babes, Prince William is balding and Prince Harry is hilarious
- Osama's been caught which hopefully brings closure to those that have lost love ones in 9/11 but definitely should not be celebrated. He's done a lot of wrong but is still human and no life lost should be celebrated
- Jarred is only 10 months old and already starting to walk!!
- Finally got a job again after how long.. it's not great but money is money right.
- School is draining the life out of me

k now that we're up to date, I'm so sad that I'll be missing Shantelle's first communion. I think she was the first girl I've ever been asked to be a God-mother of and it saddens me to have to miss it for work :( That's all for now!

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