Jun 16, 2011

stay classy

wow. june 15th, 2011 was a bad day for vancouver.. and i'm not just talking about the canucks' loss to the boston bruins in the fight for the stanley cup. i'm talking about the loss of the consciences, maturity and class of the people in the city. okay, we lost and of course that wouldn't leave us in the best mood but to riot downtown, ruining everything in sight isn't the answer.
i'll even admit that i've always felt a little superior to other people because of the beautiful place i lived in but tonight was just such an embarrassment. i feel like most people did all those idiotic things not because they were crushed over the loss but because they saw that they had the opportunity to and selfishly took it.

it wasn't worth it. i'm hoping they take responsibility for their actions and help clean up our city tomorrow morning. sigh.

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