Aug 9, 2011

boy at the coffee shop

if i were to go through my posts from when i was 16 i'd find the post of when i used to crush on customers and i'd remember them by their drink names. one of them was grande hot chocolate. sigh.

anyway, i met another one today, grande caramel frap.

he came in and said "i have a question" so i asked him what was up. he was wondering how he would get his free drink, since it was his birthday. i explained to him the procedure of registering online and how they would send him a coupon but i told him i'd give him a free drink for today since it was his birthday. his smile left me feeling like an ice cream cone on the 4th of july.. haha no just kidding but it was a pretty nice smile. he asked me if i needed proof that it was his birthday and so i told him i believed him, he showed me his license anyway. aug 9 1991. same birth year.. nice. haha. i asked why he was at the hospital on his birthday, he said to pick up his birthday drink (he was kidding. sense of humour double nice) haha but he was actually at the hospital to visit his grandpa, how sweet of him!! (family oriented triple nice.)

sigh. stupid me, i didn't look at his name on his license. i guess i'll just have to remember him as the grande caramel frap birthday boy.

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