Aug 17, 2011

I have this horrible habit of giving up on what I'm not interested in. I'm talking school-wise. I absolutely hated 1st year bio, so I dropped out. Well.. hated any science course in high school so I never tried (math too..) but I know for a fact that if I'm interested in something I'll memorize it inside out, not even just for the sake of getting a good mark on a test but because I genuinely want to know about it.

Tonight, I'm giving up on chem. My final is tomorrow and I could care less about it. Half-way through the semester, I found out that the reason I was taking the course (a prereq for a program) wasn't even necessary for the program anymore. This left me unmotivated and honestly, a tad bit angry.

So I skipped class, barely listened when I did attend and didn't study at all.

I'm laying here in my bed all nonchalant about the final tomorrow because I know no matter how hard I study the teacher's just going to whip out some hardass questions that are no where near as easy as the examples.

After tomorrow, byebye forever chem. I wish I could say I had a good time.. but I didn't.

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