Aug 16, 2011

miss you

I say the words "I miss you" even more rarely then I use the words "I love you", it really should be the other way around but it isn't. It doesn't take very much for me to fall in love with something or someone. I fall in love with the sunshine and my crazy tfc watching lola everyday but to miss someone, that takes a lot of feeling and a lot of courage for me to even admit. To miss someone and to tell them I miss them is admitting that without them I feel like something is missing. I rarely ever give bits of my heart away therefore there aren't a lot of people I can miss.

So don't feel offended if I don't tell you I miss you too if you tell me you miss me.. be happy I'm not a liar. And if I do tell you I miss you, just know that it's a big thing for me to admit.

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