Aug 3, 2011

sore but happy

lately i've been having nights of sore legs and aching feet and i must say, it leaves me feeling a little bit satisfied. i feel like i've actually been working and now, i'm wishing i've been working myself like this all this time. 2 jobs while still in school, i feel like i'm allowed to be proud of myself for once.. and that sense of accomplishment and happiness within myself feels really good but i still have a far way to go before i reach (what in my mind is) success.

grind more than you shine right?

anyway, tomorrow is going to be the first day in what feels like a long while that i wont be working. i wish i could say that i have a full day to myself but i do have an hour of chemistry tomorrow but an hour is nothing so whatever. i feel relieved. i get to spend a whole entire day with myself, i get to catch up on whatever i want to catch up on and maybe even pamper myself (fingers crossed for a last minute massage booking!). i'm so excited and i'm hoping that tomorrow's going to be a good day.

giggidy giggidy. haha jk.

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