Sep 26, 2011

This blog is in need of an update!!

I wish I could get my blog mojo back but I'll just write what comes to mind for now.

This past week I've been pretty sick. It was a beautiful mix of the sniffles, mild fever, nausea, headaches, and my all-time favourite, strep throat /sarcasm. In the beginning of my ill week I was stuck to only being able to "eat" mushroom soup because everything else hurt so much. Though I do love mushroom soup, too much is too much y'know? Anyway, I'm glad that's (almost) over. I'm back to eating solid foods again, yay!!

I've gotta say, this was a well needed break. My feet finally don't hurt anymore and I've caught up with the sleep I've been missing. I've also seemed to catch up with my bad sleeping habits as well :( Hopefully I'm able to kick the habit again sometime soon.

The doctor has ordered me to stay away from school/ work until this coming wednesday but I'm already so bored of just being home! (something I'll probably regret saying later on.)

Anyway, now that I've blogged about my sickness, time to update on other things.
1. I've been looking into buying a new point and shoot camera (or maybe even a dslr). Though my current camera is alright, I want to be able to have better quality pictures to print or even to be able to put on my blog hehe.

I didn't get into my waitlisted class :( So I'm going to do a self-paced class this semester along with my class based class. 2 jobs and 2 classes shouldn't be too bad. Especially since I'm super motivated to finish these 2 courses!!

I finally bought my mom's birthday present. Mind you, her birthday was in July. Oh man. Now it's time to look into buying Christmas presents for everyone, byebye paycheck.

That's all for now folks! Maybe my next post will be an update in pictures. Yea that sounds like a good idea.. if I'm not too lazy.

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