Mar 31, 2012

Day trip up to Whistler

Only a couple hours after falling asleep after an odd night, Sheila woke me up to go on our planned trip to Whistler. Lady mentioned how she's never been to Whistler yet and since Sheila just got her new car, Lady, Sheila, Bryan and I hopped on the opportunity for a mini-road trip! 
(^Obligatory photo with the Olympic sign) 
As the big 2-1 is approaching (2 more days to be exact!!!!!!) I'm thinking about my life and I realize that I'm really happy. I'm not exactly where I want to be in life yet but knowing that I'm surrounded by such amazing, positive people makes me feel that I'm on the way to getting where I want to be.

We went to Rainbow Park, which was beautiful! Really wish we played that game of who could go out onto the frozen lake the furthest though.. hehe.

It was definitely a day well spent! 

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jusMElissa said...

awwww I really hope we go on Canada day again! or maybe when it's a little warmer lol