Mar 26, 2012

Long Overdue: Philippines

It's been a little over a week since I came back from my 2 month long vacation to the Philippines. I feel stupid for not blogging during the vacation but past is past and the internet connection there was shitty anyway.

I wasn't too huge a fan of the heat and lack of adventure at the beginning of my trip. Being the baby that I am, I even cried because I missed my mom so much. After a month of comparing my life in the Philippines to my life here in the busy streets of Vancouver, I started to embrace the responsibility free life there. I loved not having to wake up early to go to work and seeing the people just enjoying their lives even with the little money that they did have was a real eye opener. I even got closer to my boy cousins whom I never seemed to vibe with before (one of them admitted to me that they thought I was maarte or high maintenance but I changed their minds.. I think?) but somehow really got comfortable with this time around. From having no siblings to 5 over protective brothers was such a shock to me.. in a good way. These guys even wanted me to wear pants where ever I went but with that heat.. no way :P

Everywhere I went I met a new cousin or wife of a cousin's cousin's dad you know? Especially in San Pedro, man.. everyone there was somehow related. Go lola's parents! wootwoot. jk. It just gave me a sense of security to know that I had so much family around and the fact that all of them were so welcoming was a definite plus. The mosquitoes were also welcoming which gave me the opposite feeling. (thumbs down!)

Because I spent 2 months in the Philippines I was actually able to enjoy the life and the filipino culture which I wasn't able to on my previous 2-3 week vacations. I even tried sisiw and sisig for the first time! I never thought I would miss it so much, I even tear up everytime I see my cousin on skype. Now that I'm back, I'm back to comparing life here from the life there. I never thought my house and a room to myself would feel so lonely. I miss it so much!! But at least I'll always have a reminder..

Sigh. Gotta earn some money to buy my plane ticket back!! Cousins, if you ever read this.. I miss & love you very much!

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