Oct 6, 2013

success & nothing less

I've said it way too many times before but to this day it still stands true: I want to surround myself with motivated people who want to move forward and improve themselves. I love being motivated by their desire to succeed.

With all that being said, I just want to say I'm so proud of Vincent and Jonathan for deciding to pack up their lives and move across the country for bigger, better things. These two have been the hardest working people I've known since day 1 and they never ever fail to impress me that they're able to juggle all the work/working out (hehe) and still be such amazing boyfriends to their very lucky girls! Needless to say, they're amazing friends as well. I'm going to miss them but I know this is what they want to do and I know I'll see them soon.

I also wanna say I'm so so so so so so proud of my lovebug, Sean, for finally applying to school!!! No amount of emojis can express how happy I am for him. He's getting closer to achieving his dreams and I couldn't be more ecstatic. His passion for cooking and success inspires me everyday.

In my eyes, with the hard work these boys put in to achieving their dreams, they already are the most successful people I know. So much love and admiration for all 3 of them.

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