Dec 12, 2009

good morning, good morning love.

Early to rise, early to.... I dont remember. I don't want to show my mom that I'm awake because she'll probably say something around the fact that I should have waken up earlier yesterday instead of today (which is true). So I'll blog instead.

7:45am on a Saturday. What am I doing up?! I'll probably take a long nap later on during the day. This is what happened: I was sleeping, then I woke up and the first thing I saw was my clothes and an empty luggage. I turned the other way so I could get more sleep but the image of the luggage was stuck on my mind!! I stayed in bed for an hour then, knowing that my guilt from not packing wouldn't go away, I got up and put everything into my 2 luggages. I'm only going to the Philippines for 3 weeks but I need 2 luggages because of all the toblerone and coffee mate my mom plans to stick into my bags. I'm nervous though, I've never been on a plane by myself.. I guess everyday's a new adventure.. hahahahahaha I'm so lame.
(I just googled philippine airlines cus I had to check if my flight changed and one of the search results was "sexy pinays on cam".... smh)

So, my clothes are packed. I need to make a list of what not to forget to pack.
- camera
- camera battery charger
- laptop charger
- toiletries
- sunglasses
- ipod (old ass ipod!!!)
... I don't know what else. I'm still sleepy and I want a mcgriddle.

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