Dec 13, 2009

"bon voyage, S!"

Again, I'm awake before 8.. Wow, I'm extremely thirsty! Let me go to the kitchen.

Last night was.. interesting. I had a few friends over on my last night before leaving just to talk about life and stuff.. haha. The boys were playing video games and the girls were just talking then the power went out! So we played hide and seek! I don't know how long that lasted but it made me so tired. Fortunately, (for my exhaustion not because I don't love my friends) everyone left pretty early. Jil, Louis and Daniel were the last ones here. I need to speak with them today and apologize though because I passed the f out.

Thank you to my friends that came out! See you all in 3 weeks.

Ps. Aubrey bought me an awesome cake.
Pps. Now would be a good time to actually pack.
Ppps. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just figured out why I have those scratches on my back. The couch is broken and the staples scratched me while I was hiding. I was numb to the pain. Yay vodka!

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