Dec 24, 2009


Merry Christmas! I miss all my friends and I hate the mosquitos here but I'm really enjoying myself here.

I got to meet my dad's side of the family for the first time and aside from what I thought it would be like (awkward and unfamiliar) it was great. I've never met more welcoming people in my life. They all knew me and had my baby pictures all over their homes. Seeing my lolo for the first time left me speechless. He can't walk anymore but at 86 he was more alive than most 40 year olds I've seen. The fact that we stayed at a resort owned by my aunt and ate jumbo shrimp (one more than half the plate) didn't hurt either.

Buying pasulubong is harder than it seems. I don't want to bring home just sea shells that say philippines on it (which I already bought hahahah) I want my gifts to be more personal but that..... requires lots of $$$. Except for the 100pesos store.. $2 something for clothes!!! hahaha.

I miss my mom and hot showers but s'okay. merry christmas and happy holidays.

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