Dec 17, 2009


The plane ride was long and boring, the food wasn't great but I'm finally here!

So far it's been awesome! My cousins are great and I'm having lots of fun. Jarell seems to really like it too. He's getting really spoiled tho.. it's okay (sometimes.) One thing I want to point out.. I forgot to bring chinellas/tsinellas! So stupid of me. Out of all things to forget too. Fortunately, I live near an SM (shoe mart.. I don't know why it's called that.. it's really just a mall) Unfortunately, the bridge which connects us to the side of the city that sm is broke! They're fixing it now tho so if we want to get to the other side, we take a jeepney all the way around the city to be able to pass over the other bridge or take a boat which is scary as hell.

Anyway, I'm sweating a lot and I miss my friends but I'm having a lot of fun. I gotta go now.. 20 pesos an hour internet! Haha.

Ps. I saw a huge spider and a lizard!
Pps. I have so many moquito bites on my legs :(

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